Welcome to S & B Waste Management & Recycling Ltd

S & B Waste Management & Recycling Limited has been established to provide a cost efficient skip hire in Wolverhampton and waste collection and recycling service in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and west midlands , utilising the savings achieved by recycling waste materials. This process avoids unnecessary and expensive landfill with the associated negative environmental factors.

In S & B Waste Management & Recycling our prime objective is to increase recycling and reduce the percentage of waste materials going to landfill. For exceptional service and unbeatable prices on skip hire in Wolverhampton, Birmingham.


S & B Waste Management & Recycling Limited is one of a largest independent skip hire and recycling company established in 1984 with a vast experience in our trade we are able to provide cost effective ways to provide best services in waste collection and recycling management.

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S & B Waste Management & Recycling Limited ‘s objective when recycling is to maximize the re-use of non-renewable resources, where it is economically and commercially viable to extract materials from the waste stream and there is a meaningful demand for the secondary materials.

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