S & B Waste Management & Recycling Limited provide a comprehensive waste management service. We believe performance is as important to you as price which begins with professional and responsible waste collection.

Our experienced staff manage a fleet of modern lorries and provide a vast range of skips and containers, and always aim to exceed your expectations. It is no coincidence that S & B Waste Management & Recycling Limited have been entrusted with most of the major waste collection contracts in the Wolverhampton area, and have a repeat business rate of almost 100%.

Additionally, S & B Waste Management & Recycling Limited are keen to help you minimise waste and segregate different waste materials at source. Our service is designed to reduce your “total waste costs” by offering a recycling option where it is economically and environmentally beneficial.

The savings we achieve by recycling and re-using waste materials are passed back to our customers in reduced collection charges.