S & B Waste Management & Recycling Limited ‘s objective when recycling is to maximize the re-use of non-renewable resources, where it is economically and commercially viable to extract materials from the waste stream and there is a meaningful demand for the secondary materials.

Re-usable materials with a greater market value than the cost of collecting, sorting and processing will be recycled.

Our aim, as a company, is to reduce the costs of waste disposal by recycling and reusing waste materials. This in turn will provide healthier environment. From the waste materials received each day, S & B Waste Management & Recycling Limited aim to recycle 70%. You can help us in our efforts to increase recycling percentages, by segregating your waste into separate containers, before it is collected.


Waste recycling targets will not be achieved through existing waste management, but will require an increase in recycling performance. The European Commission and the UK Government have introduced a range of measures to reduce landfill by implementing stringent recycling targets that have to be met. Main policies include:

  • Sustainable development
  •  Extended producer responsibility
  •  Climate change